Courses in 2022!

Valentine Bouquet

A new year a new opportunity to learn and grow! This year we have another lovely line up of Floristry Courses!

Complete Floristry Vocational Courses

The first Professional Dutch Floral Design Course of the year is already half way. However, for those that missed out there is another option this year!
The next opportunity to learn everything you should know as a florist starts August 29th!
For more info go to this page.

Handtied Bouquet Courses

Handtied Bouquets are truly the florist’s bread and butter. So it might not be surprising that the handtied bouquet courses are amongst the most popular courses at the Boerma Instituut!
Always wanted to know how to make your own bouquets? During the Handtied Bouquet Course Level 1 you will learn how to use the important spiral tied technique as well as 4 different styles of bouquets.
This course is also especially great for those that want to do the Professional Dutch Floral Design course, but first want to see if our way of teaching is to your liking.

These are the dates planned for the first half of 2022

Wednesday March 30 (Niveau 1)
Tuesday April 20 (Niveau 2)
Wednesday May 18 (Niveau 1)
Wednesday June 8 (Niveau 1)
Monday June 20 (Niveau 1)
Monday June 22 (Niveau 2)
Monday July 4 (Niveau 1)

Floristry Specialisations

Aside from the previous courses, we have specialised courses focussed on specific aspects of floristry. For example a Funeral Work course and a Bridal Work course.
Click here for more info about the Funeral Work course and here for the Bridal Work course.


Those are the courses we organise every year. However, aside from those courses we also always have a line up of unique courses like Master Classes given by International Master Florists.
For example, last year classes were taught by Frédéric Dupré, Gregor Lersch, Nicu Bocancea and Brigitte Heinrichs.

Also this year we have some interesting classes planned, so keep an eye on our website for updates!