Our Team

The Boerma Instituut is truly a family business.
We have been working in the floral industry with passion for five generations.
You can see that in our team!


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The Boerma Instituut is Nationally and Internationally renown for it’s Professional Floral Design Education.
People come from all over the world for a wide variety of reasons to join our courses.
These complete floral design vocational courses are designed to train you in an as short as possible timeframe in an efficient way to the next level.
Our teachers reflect this. Every Floral Design teacher has his or her specialities, each with a different background.

Support Staff

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In addition to teaching staff, the Boerma Institute employs various employees who take care of the processes surrounding and in relation to education.
These essential staff members, for example, provide the daily home-cooked lunches and/or ensure that everything is well organized and runs smoothly in the background.