Master Class with German Master Florist Brigitte Heinrichs!

Brigitte Heinrichs Master Class at Boerma Instituut

Brigitte Heinrichs is returning to the Boerma Instituut to give 2 Inspiring Master Classes!
Brigitte Heinrichs is a German lady who understands her profession perfectly.
An incredible Master Florist and teacher. She has taught many lessons at the Boerma Instituut in the past.

She has incredible theoretical knowledge and really knows how to explain it well.
Real German masterworks you can recorgnize by the quality of craftsmanship and implimentation of the theory.

The subjects:

Day 1 Wednesday July 7:
This day is all about table arrangements.
Simple, but creative bases that will give your designs a completely different aesthetic.
A great adittion to your flower arrangements!

Day 2 Thursday July 8:
This day will be all about layered bouquets.
A German specialty! Bouquets with great depth to them.
Through the usage of German techniques you will get a completely different type of bouquet than we are used to in the Netherlands.
These aren’t the Ajour bouquets we do during the Handtied Bouquet course, these are using different techniques!

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