Steun ons Youtube kanaal op Patreon!

We’ve talked about it before with our subscribers on Youtube:

You wanted to see more behind the scenes footage, like preparations for the livestreams. Namely how we make the frames and do the steps before we go live. We’ve also discussed starting a Patreon.

Doing these livestreams & editing them is quite a lot of work especially for a small family business such as ours.It comes with a cost of both materials, but also time.

For example, Mike spend quite some time working on the videos, some of it during is during work-time but a lot of it happens in his free time.

We are offering the videos and livestreams completely for free, but would truly appreciate your support to help lighten the load.
This can be done by making a small monthly patronage in the form of Patreon!
What is Patreon?
Patreon is a platform on which you can support creators like ourselves by aiding them a bit financially every month. In return you get perks!
For example, exclusive behind the scenes content in the form of photos and/or videos! A thank you with your name in the credits of every new video we upload!
The more Patreon supporters we get, the better our content will become.
We will be able to invest in new materials, better equipment and perhaps in the future even hire an editor so that Mike gets his hands free to create even more video content!
Juggling responsibilities and running a school with creating fun and educational floral design content is quite tricky!
We have a lot of ambitious plans and exciting ideas for the future, one of which is doing online Master Classes (that could be for a new Patreon tier).
So if you would like to help us out, go to to become one of our first Patrons!