Here at the Boerma Instituut, International Floral Design School Holland, anything is possible!
We can personalize and tailor any course according to your wishes.
For example, we can change teach the Professional Dutch Floral Design course in it’s entirity as private lessons.
On the other side of the spectrum, perhaps you want to throw a fun Bachelorette party, creating lovely flower arrangements while drinking champagne.
In consultation, all is possible.

Private Lessons
There are many reasons you could want to follow one of our courses as private lessons.
Perhaps our planned courses do not fit your schedule, or perhaps you would like to do our courses in less days.

In the second case, when teaching courses as private lessons we have found that it is possible to generally fit two days into one.
This means that a Handtied Bouquet Course, which normally takes two days, can be followed as a 1 day Private Lesson (10.00 – 15.45).
In some cases, there are exceptions: For instance, the Professional Dutch Floral Design Course can be done in 15 days instead of 25.
This is because the Exam and the preparation cannot be fit in a shorter time frame.

The cost for private lessons changes depending on: amount of days & amount of people.
We say, lessons are private lessons up to 4 people, more people than that and we are talking about Group Lessons.
Private lesson prices start at € 525,- per whole day (10.00 – 15.45) and € 275,- per half day (13.00 – 15.45 for example).
For booking and prices, please contact us at

Organised Groups
Bachelorette parties, corporate teambuilding events, floral birthday parties, tourist groups, flower shop employee training.
Just a couple of examples of what kind of organized groups we have had.
For theses situations we can also custom tailor workshops, courses and other types of floral design classes.
Organised groups start at 5 people.
For booking and prices, please contact us at