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Theo Boerma Cup 2024 “The Enchanted Garden”

The year 2024 marks the 44th anniversary of the Boerma Instituut! 44 is 4 times 11, which is in Dutch tradition is the crazy number (especially for those from the South of Holland).
Due to the circumstances of 2020, we were unable to celebrate our 40th anniversary. That’s why we have chosen for a theme that embraces the crazy and fantastical in 2024.


“The Enchanted Garden” takes place in a whimsical world where reality and dreams intertwine. This deliriously-themed competition invites florists to showcase their creativity by crafting stunning floral arrangements inspired by the surreal and fantastical.

Participants are challenged to create captivating displays that transport viewers into a world of enchantment. Participants are challenged think outside the box and bring their wildest imaginations to life through their floral designs. Delirious color combinations, unusual flower choices, and unconventional materials are all welcome in this fantastical competition.

Judges will be looking for designs that evoke a sense of wonder and awe, pushing the boundaries of traditional floristry.
This year’s theme “The Enchanted Garden” promises a mesmerizing journey into a world where flowers and dreams collide, leaving attendees deliriously inspired.


General information about the Competition and Schedule

The Theo Boerma Cup is held on Friday September 6th.
There is a limit of 11 participants.
The participants need to be present at the Boerma Instituut in Aalsmeer between 09.15 and 09.30.
At 09.30 the participants will receive the most recent information updates as well as a cup of tea or coffee.
Competition time is from 10.00 to 14.00. Cleaning up organizing of the space is from 14.00 to 15.00.
The award ceremony will be held on Saturday evening, September 7th.

The complete information about the rules and regulations for the competition can soon be found in this link.



The Theo Boerma Cup is an International Flower Competition accessible to anyone from anywhere on the world.
However, there are some requirements. For students of the Boerma Instituut and florists residing in the Netherlands there will be a preliminary competition, which will be held on May 23rd of 2024.
The Top 3 of the preliminary competition will have an automatic spot at the Official Theo Boerma Cup. This is to give fair representation of different countries at the Theo Boerma Cup.
For Boerma Instituut students & florists residing in the Netherlands, please follow this link.
The current reigning Champion of the Theo Boerma Cup automatically receives a spot at the next edition.

For anyone else, please send an e-mail to info@boerma.nl with the title “Registration Theo Boerma Cup 2024”.
This e-mail should include 5 images that showcase your favorite works created by you.



There will be 3 judges for the Theo Boerma Cup, they will soon be announced.
– To be announced.
– To be announced.
– Mike Boerma, as a representative of the Boerma Instituut.



Currently these are the known prizes for the Theo Boerma Cup, more to be announced:

1st Prize:
– Handmade sculpture of the Theo Boerma Cup and your name on the big Theo Boerma Cup.
– Dinner for 2 in a restaurant in Aalsmeer.
– Free Master Class of choice (2 or 3 days).
– Gift Voucher from Floral Design Supplies (€ 150,-).
– Surprise Package Lehner Wolle (Worth € 45,-).

2nd Prize:
– 50% discount 2-day Master Class of choice.
– Gift Voucher from Floral Design Supplies (€ 100,-).
– Surprise Package Lehner Wolle (Worth € 45,-).

3rd Prize:
– 30% discount 2-day Master Class of choice.
– Gift Voucher from Floral Design Supplies (€ 100,-).
– Surprise Package Lehner Wolle (Worth € 45,-).

Former winners of the Theo Boerma cup

2022 Lee Chi Chang, Taiwan
2018 Kim Otto, the Netherlands
2016 Olga van Veen, the Netherlands
2013 Fabio Pedone, Italy
2012 Alexander Bermyakov, Russia

@ 09:15 - 15:00


09:15 - 15:00