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Texture & Color a Modular Master Class by Frédéric Dupré

Frédéric Dupré Color & Texture

Texture & Color are Frédéric Dupré’s specialty. Frédéric Dupré is a Master Florist from France who has given multiple succesful Master Classes at the Boerma Instituut over the years.
During these Master Classes, texture and color are often touched upon. Frédéric Dupré believes that these subjects are so vital to our profession that they deserve their own Master Class.

Frédéric has developed an extensive theory for Texture & Color. So elaborate are these teachings that when he teaches about it in China and Taiwan, he dedicates 5 days on each subject.
During his 5 days on texture, he dedicates one day for each of the senses. Of course, doing an extensive 10 day program purely on Texture and Color would be amazing, but we understand not everyone can dedicate so much time.

This is why we’ve developed a modular Master Class together with Frédéric for students of the Boerma Instituut. We will dedicate 3 days in June purely on texture and 3 days in November purely on color.
It is possible to only join for the Texture Master Class and it is possible to join only for the Color Master Class. However, we offer both as a package deal as well.

Frédéric Dupré Color & Texture
Frédéric Dupré Color & Texture


The Texture Module will be from Tuesday June 11th to Thursday 13th. This program is dedicated to combining textures in a harmonious way.
All botanical materials and non botanical materials have a texture. Be it a tactile physical texture or just a visual texture. Not always are these two the same, but they can play an important role in the final look of your work. Using these textures to your advantage can really elevate your design. It plays a vital role in the maturity of your work.

Frédéric Dupré will teach you all about texture, according to his personal theory.
Frédéric believes strongly that texture is the first thing to approach when creating a design, not color.
He will explain about the categories of texture and how they relate to our materials. What they add to your design.
Of course, the golden rule will always play an important role during the design process and will be touched upon where necessary during this program.
Of course, how to apply the golden rule to texture in your design is a question that will be answered as well.

Zooming in on this subject will ensure that your floristry will level up in ways you may not have imagined before.

Frédéric Dupré on the program

As far as I am concerned, the study of texture gave me the keys to open up possibilities to create unique designs, interesting combinations in commercial products. It allows me to use materials that few people use due to lack of knowledge and practice.
Finally to complete this unique seminar it can be combined with the color seminar which we will do in November. There I would obviously address the basics, but also the families of colors, associations and harmonies. How to associate and combine colors with a real method, for when you are a little lost in all these choices and options. We will work on color trends, but those who have followed the Texture Seminar, will be able to better understand the subtleties of color and combinations because once again, and I repeat myself it is Texture that gives a real definition to color.


Texture Forward Wall Design by Frédéric Dupré
Texture Forward Wall Design by Frédéric Dupré


The Color Module will be from Wednesday November 5th until Friday November 7th. This module is dedicated to Color Theory and it’s application. Frédéric will teach you how to create all sorts of moods and emotions using colors. On the last day of this module, we are bringing together knowledge from the Texture module and connect them to one unified whole. Color is one of the most important things in floristry, it is the first thing one will notice when looking at a work and is a great way to create an emotional connection to the viewer.

Frédéric will teach you his own twist on the color theory and make it easily understandable. Allowing yourself to immerse in three days of pure color studies, will greatly ellevate your floristic skills as well.
You will gain a new sense of comfort and confidence after following either one of these modules, but doing both creates an amazing synergy that will greatly benefit anyone participating in this program.

Frédéric Dupré Color & Texture
Frédéric Dupré Color & Texture

Course dates 2024

Texture by Frédéric Dupré: June 11-13
Color by Frédéric Dupré: November 5-7

Class hours are from 09.30 to 17.00. It’s possible that class hours are some times longer, at maximum 18.30.

The price for the 3-day Texture Module is €795,-.
The price for the 3-day Colour Module is €795,-.
The price for both the Texture & Color Module together is € 1350,- (€ 240,- discount).

Frédéric Dupré Color & Texture
Frédéric Dupré Color & Texture


All necessary materials to create the arrangements are included in the price. As well as lunch with some beverage options, coffee/tea during coffee breaks.

Not included are tools. We recommend you to bring your own pruning shears, florist knife and a wire cutter.
When you do not have these, you can buy them in our physical shop on location or order them through our website.
If you order them in advance, we will have them ready for you on the day of the course.

Frédéric Dupré Color & Texture
Frédéric Dupré Color & Texture

Who is this program for?

The theory and application of Texture is complex, therefore this program is a Level 2 to 3 program. Meaning that it is created for those who have already a good understanding of floristic design.
We highly recommend that you at least have completed our level 1 vocational program, for example:
Students who have passed the Professional Dutch Floral Design Program & (or) the Advanced Dutch Floral Design Program or a similar program somewhere else.

Textural Arrangement by Frédéric Dupré
Textural Arrangement by Frédéric Dupré

More about Frédéric Dupré

You can find Frédéric Dupré on Instagram here.

Frédéric Dupré Color & Texture
Frédéric Dupré Color & Texture


2003 Best Apprentice France (MAF)
2006 Silver in the French Championship
2007 Silver in the French Young Interflora Championship
2011 Best Craftsman in France (MOF)
2014 Won the qualifiers, World Cup in France
2015 Finalist at the Interflora World Cup in Berlin
2017 Creativity Award at Flower Moment in Korea

Frédéric Dupré Color & Texture
Frédéric Dupré Color & Texture
Frédéric Dupré Color & Texture

@ 09:30 - 17:00

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€795.00 – €1,350.00


09:30 - 17:00

€795.00 – €1,350.00


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Texture Program
June 11-13
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Color Program
November 5-7
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Texture & Color Program
June 11-13 & November 5-7
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