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Private Lessons & Organized Groups

Private Lessons
We offer a lot of different floral design courses. However, sometimes they might not fit your schedule.
Perhaps you’d like to learn something that we do not have a floral design course on the subject.
Another posibility is that you’d like to do one of our excisting floristry courses, but in fewer days.
For all these reasons and more, we offer Private Lessons.

It’s possible for you to decide the subjects, but we can also a design a floristry course, perfectly suited to your personal needs.
If you’d like to follow a course at a faster pace, the rule of thumb is that one day of Private Lessons can contain 2 regular class days.
For example, you can do the Handtied Bouquet Course Level 1, which is a 2 day course, in 1 day.
Of course, this depends on the speed of the student, but on average we have found that this is the case.
The only course that we cannot teach as private lessons is the Master in European Floral Design course.

1 whole day of Private Lessons costs €525,- including all necessary materials, lunch and a certificate.
A whole day is from 10.00 – 15.45 and includes a 30 minute lunchbreak and a 15 minute coffee break.
1 half day of Private Lessons costs € 275,- including all necessary materials, lucnh and a certificate.
A half day is from 13.00 – 15.45 and includes a 15 minute coffee break.
Of course, other times are possible too, for example evening classes.

A Private Lesson can be up to 5 students. For each additional student, the price per lesson goes down.
For each extra day of private lessons, the price per day also goes down.
For the exact prices and to book a private lesson, please send an e-mail to info@boerma.nl

Organized Groups
We have organized specialized classes for about 40 years.
An organized group can be anything from a Bachelorette party to a Team Building event.
Other examples are: Exchange programs, Staff training, Christmas Workshops for the office, Birthday Party or a Flower Arranging Workshop during a tour.
The minimum for an organized group is 6 persons.
For prices for organized groups and to book a group lesson, please send an e-mail to info@boerma.nl

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