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Master Class Flower Photography

Always wanted to learn how you can photograph flower arrangements in an attractive way?
Do you use your phone or do you use a camer? What kind of Camera?
For what purpose are you photographing your work? Social media? Your website? Future customers?
Or perhaps you want to publish your own flower arranging book?

During this Master Class we will go over the following subjects:
– Composition
– What role does the flower arrangement have?
– Does every arrangement take to photo in the same way?
– Does every flower take to photo in the same way?
– Camera technique
– Depth of field
– Diaphram / shutterspeed
– Camera modes
– Lenses
– Far away or closeby?
– Using natural light VS Studio

Of course there is plenty of time to practice under guidance to improve your output!
At the end of the day we will discuss the results together!

Do you have your own learning goals already?
Tell them to us and we will look if we can fit it into the current schedule or develop a schedule for the next time!

This will be the first time that we organize such a photography Master Class together with Jhon Koopman.
On the basis of how this Master Class will go, we will schedule multiple Photography Master Classes in the future, with a potential wide variety of subjects!

Jhon Koopman
This Master Class will be given by Jhon Koopman.
Jhon Koopman is a true professional in the field of photography, specializing in photographing flowers and flower arrangements.
His customers are magazines and flower promotional organizations, amongst others.

The flower arrangements
There will be multiple flower arrangements on location that you can take pictures of. Of course you can also bring your own arrangements to take pictures of!
If you do so, be sure that the arrangements are completely designed and created before the Master Class starts 😉

@ 09:30 - 15:45

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09:30 - 15:45

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