Complaint procedure

Complaint procedure Boerma Instituut

Within the Boerma Instituut the director marketing and communication is responsible for the complaint procedure (afterwards mentioned as ‘complaint responder’).
Students will be informed about the complaint procedure through e-mail.

What is a complaint?

A notification of the client, submitted conform to the way described by the complaint procedure, that shows that the customer was not sattisfied and is an issue that does not seem to be easily solved, or is of such an issue that it deserves the attention from the organisation in written form.

File creation

A file has to be made containing at least the following information:

  • the information of the customer;
  • the date of the creation of the complaint;
  • the name of the persone who took the complaint;
  • the description of the complaint (the complaint itselff);
  • the correspondence in relation to the complaint;
  • the date and manner of handling of the complant.

Te procedure

1. Submitting complaints

  • Complaints have to be sent by mail (Boerma Instituut, Legmeerdijjk 227, 1432KA) or e-mail ( stuurt een e-mail)).
  • Complaints will be handled privately.
  • The submitter of the complaint will have access to the complaint file if requested.
  • The complaint responder will confirm withing 6 weeks that he or she is handling the complaint (in regards of simple complaints) or three months (with more complex complaints) after the receiving the complaint.
  • If this term is not possible, then the submitter of the complaint will be informed in a timely manner, by manner of mail or e-mail, with an explanation as to why this term is not possible.

2. Handling of the complaint

The complaint responder:
  • studies the complaint file and gathers additional relevant information;
  • possibly gathers further information from the submitter of the complaint and others involved;
  • judges the file and gathered information and compares these to the arguments of the submitter of the complaint
  • discusses the file with another person in the organisation to check their own interpretation;
  • takes a point of view;
  • informs the submitter of the complaint by mail or e-mail about this point of view;
  • writes down the complete point of view in the complaint file.


3. NRTO and dispute settlement

Boerma Instituut is a member of the NRTO, he Dutch Council for Training and Education. Within the NRTO, quality and trustworthiness are central. This is why the members of the NRTO handle the terms and conditions. You can find these on the website of the NRTO


In case the Boerma Instituut and the submitter of the complaint can not resolve the issue, then the Boerma Instituut will put the complaint with the NRTO. The judgement of the NRTO is binding for the Boerma Instituut.