Registrations for the Theo Boerma Cup 2024 are now open!

Theo Boerma Cup

The year 2024 marks the 44th anniversary of the Boerma Instituut! 44 is 4 times 11, which is in Dutch tradition is the crazy number (especially for those from the South of Holland).
Due to the circumstances of 2020, we were unable to celebrate our 40th anniversary. That’s why we have chosen for a theme that embraces the crazy and fantastical in 2024.

Friday September 6, 2024

The Theo Boerma Cup is a floral design competition in which alumni of the Boerma Instituut and other florists are able to compete for the prestigious Cup that’s named in honor of the founder of the Boerma Instituut, Theo Boerma.
This year the competition will be bigger than ever before and will take place on Friday September 6th!

If you are intereste in participating in this competition, please go to this page!