Talinum paniculatum ‘Long John’ during the DFD Studieclub evening

Talinum paniculatum 'Long John'

During the Dutch Floral Design Study Club evening of April 11th the theme was (as green as) grass. The club members all brought something green with them and we provided the other materials. I had specially ordered a number of grass mats from Coen van Dijk garden plant center for this evening. So that everyone had a piece of grass.

Even though April seems to be the grass month, there were not that many grasses for sale at our wholesaler, but luckily for us Marginpar was the savior!

My “grass” arrangement of the evening was a vegetative parallel arrangement in a borrowed wooden bowl from Gregor Lersch. The materials were placed in 3 Oasis® Naturebase® Bio Floral Foam Blocks.

I think the Talinum panicum ‘Long John’ is a great material to work with. She (or should I say he?) belongs to the purslane family and some varieties have edible leaves. The branches of the Talinum are filled with small seed pods in red and orange tones. Talinum gives just that fragile touch and a beautiful transparency in an arrangement or bouquet.

The Talinum paniculatum ‘Long John’ is a unique product at Marginpar. This is not only my opinion but also the opinion of the professional jury of Royal FloraHolland, florists and designers. The Talinum ‘Long John’ was chosen as the WINNER of the GLASS TULIP AWARD 2021!

A little more information about the DFD Study Club evenings

Once a month, on the 2nd Thursday evening of the month, a DFD club evening is organized at the Boerma Institute. During these Study Club Evenings we get to work creatively on a topic determined by the club members present the month before.
Everyone also brings a ‘material or topic’ for the evenings that is related to the theme. The Boerma Institute provides all other materials, coffee, tea and snacks. During these DFD club evenings, club members are guided by one of our (freelance) teachers. In this case, the teacher does not teach but guides and assists the group.

Who can become a member?

Students of the DFD vocational training from lesson day 12, everyone who has followed the DFD, ADFD and MDFD. Students from other equivalent courses and florists can also register for this.

DFD Club on Facebook

A Facebook page has been created for the DFD club, where club members can share photos and ideas. We recommend club members to become members so that they are aware of all kinds of news.

See you next time!

Floral greetings,
Jacqueline Boerma