Become a florist? New Florist Training starts September 9!

Professional DFD Course

Have you always wanted to become a florist? Now’s your chance! 
The new International Floral Design Vocational Training starts on Monday, September 9!
This is the perfect florist training for beginners!

Make funeral arrangements
Learn all the essential arrangement types and styles, such as a drop funeral arrangement.

Florist Training

As mentioned earlier, this is the training for anyone who wants to become a florist. This vocational training course is designed to train people with 0 experience to become professional florists.
So you don’t need any experience and you can participate as a complete beginner. The training is 5 days a week for 4 weeks.

Student Hirwan packs a bouquet for the first time.
Student Hirwan packs a bouquet for the first time.

How does it work? (In brief)

This is a 20-day vocational training is 4 weeks on a row, or you can do it in 2x 2 weeks spread over a half year, or with a max of 2 years. In addition to learning several new styles every day, you will also receive homework assignments.
Because our courses are all-inclusive, you get to take home the flower arrangements you used during the class.
You can then reuse these flowers to do your homework, which will save costs!

It is not necessary, but we recommend finding an internship in addition to the training.
This will help you learn and grow in your skills even faster! After the first few lessons you will already be able to help in a case.
Are you from the area? Then we might be able to recommend an internship for you!

At the end of the training there is an exam, where you will be tested on 5 components.
The corsages are tested during the 4 weeks.
These parts are assessed by 3 jury members.
If you have passed, you will receive the Professional Dutch Floral Design diploma.

More information?

Would you like more information about this florist training? Then go to this page.
If you have any further questions, you can always ask them via email or via private message on our Instagram or Facebook .