All Handtied Bouquet Courses of 2024!

Boho Bouquet made by Boerma Instituut Student Kodai

The first month of 2024 has almost passed! Here at the Boerma Instituut we’ve already made a good start!
This year we’ve planned many handtied bouquet courses! Because of that, there should always be at least one date that fits your schedule!

Boerma Instituut Student Hirwan wrapping a Handtied Bouquet
Wrapping a Handtied Bouquet

Handtied Bouquets Level 1

Have you never made a bouquet before? Or perhaps, it’s been a while since you’ve learned to make handtied bouquets and use the spiral technique.
In both those cases, the Handtied Bouquets Level 1 is the ideal course for you!
We try to organize a Level 1 every month.

These are the dates for the Handtied Bouquets Level 1 this year:
– February, Thursday 1st & Friday 2nd.
– April, Thursday 4th & Friday 5th.
– May, Tuesday 7th & Wednesday 8th.
– June, Wednesday 5th & Thursday June 6th.
– September, Thursday Friday 12th & Friday 13th.
– October, Tuesday 29th & Wednesday 30th.
– December, Tuesday 3rd & Wednesday 4th.

For more information or to register for the Level 1, go to this page.

Boerma Instituut Student Holding a Boho Style Handtied Bouquet
Boho Style Bouquet

Handtied Bouquets Level 2

Do you already know how to make bouquets, or perhaps you’ve already did the Level 1 and do you want to learn more styles?
Then the Handtied Bouquets Level 2 is perfect for you!
During this level you will learn to make bouquets that take a little more practice and skills.

These are the dates for the Handtied Bouquets Level 2 this year:
– April, Thursday 11th & April 12th.
– May, Wednesday 15th & Thursday 16th.
– July, Thursday 5th & Friday 5th.
– September Monday 16th & Tuesday 17th.
– December Thursday 5th & Friday 6th.

For more information or to register for Level 2, go to this page.

Special Bouquet by Nicky Markslag
Special Bouquet with frame by teacher Nicky Markslag.

Handtied Bouquets Level 3

Would you like to learn even more? We won’t stop you! As a matter of fact, we have even more in store for you!
There are inumerable styles of handtied bouquets, only your creativity is the limit.
The Level 3 is actually more of a Level 2+, this means that the bouquets aren’t necessery more difficult to make, but they are just more variations.

We organise this Level two times per year:
– June, Monday 26th & Friday 27th.
– December, Wednesday 13th & Thursday 14th. During this class we will work with Christmas materials.

For more information or to register for Level 3, go to this page.

Alex Segura holding a Handtied Frame Bouquet
Alex Segura with one of his Frame Bouquets

Special Master Classes

All year round we also organize special Master Classes by International Master Florists.
One of these will also contain Handtied Bouquets. This Master Class is taught by Alex Segura, a Spanish Master Florist.
To join this Master Class you should at least have followed the Level 1 or something similar and really have practice in using the Spiral Tied technique.

For more information or to register for this Master Class, go to this page.