Live stream with one of the trends for 2024

Trends 2024

Bloemen Bureau Holland has developed four style trends for the floriculture sector for 2024. The style trends are all based on the current spirit of the times, but have different aspects as a starting point.

Syl Meijer, Mike Boerma & Jacqueline Boerma will give the last livestream of 2023 and have chosen the theme Meaningful Earth 2024. Biodiversity and circularity are essential for a healthy living environment. Meaningful Earth is also about our earth; as a symbol of fertility and as a connection to our history.

Core values of this trend
Natural, mystical, earthy, authentic, historical, archaeological, naturalization and environmental awareness.

At the Boerma Instituut we also try to treat the earth as carefully as possible. That is why we at the Boerma Instituut choose vegetarian and 100% plant-based lunches. Recycle materials as much as possible and ensure that the garden around the Boerma Instituut is full of plants and flowers for the bees.

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