Sue McLeary is coming to the Boerma Instituut!

Sue McLeary Headdress

After 2 years of postponing it’s finally happening! Sue McLeary aka Passionflowersue will be coming to the Boerma Instituut!

An incredible floral artist from the USA, Susan McLeary really knows how to make gorgeous botanical accessoires.
From Floral Jewelry, to Headpieces, to complete botanical dresses, it’s amazing what is all possible!

Check out this gorgeous dress Sue made for example with Hydrangea from grower Pieter Kolk (worn by our very own Anjelica!):


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Isn’t that amazing?

The two days will be dedicated to Floral Tattoos and Botanical Headdresses.
If you want to learn how to make these beautiful creations, be sure to register soon as registrations for Master Classes like these can go quite fast!
Follow this link for more info an to register.