Cosy Christmasworkshops at Boerma!

This year we have another fun line-up of cosy Christmas Workshops at the Boerma Instituut!
Every year we have a couple of new and old & trusted themes.
A lot of people have been coming to our schools for years to make beautiful Christmas arrangements!

These Christmas arrangements will give your house a cosy and lovely appearance, especially important to give your surroudings a touch extra this year.
All the arrangements we make this year will keep well for a long time!

This years themes:

Fun-sized Christmas Tree: Because of it’s popularity, we organize this one for the fourth year in a row!
We make this ‘Christmas tree’ using Christmas greens and other fun materials on Oasis.

Layered Christmas cake:  A new one! A cosy Christmas tree with multiple layers!

Classic Christmas Table Arrangement:  A special arrangement with a classic appearance is of course something that cannot be missed during Christmas.

Chistmas Doorknocker: For when you wnat the cosiness to start at the entrance of your house!
With this Christmas Doorknocker you will always come home with a good feeling.

The images that you will find at the workshop pages are not necessarily representations of the arrangements that we will make during the workshop (Except for the Fun-sized Christmas Tree).