New International Master Florist Education starts November 5th!

Gregor Lersch

An incredible opportunity has arisen for those florists that want to bring their skills to the highest level! 
Gregor Lersch, the teacher and mentor of many awards winning Master Florists is teaching this unique Master Education at the Boerma Instituut.

It’s a 20-day hands-on course, that has you learn, work and create from 09.30 to 17.00 each day!
The course is split up in two parts. 10 days in November 2022 and 10 days in March 2023.

What will you learn during this course?

You will get a deepening of floristic knowledge as well as techniques and styles straight from the Master of Master Florists himself.
Every topic from Bridal Work to Funeral Work. From Sketching, to Design Theory to the execution of complex ideas all of these subjects Gregor will help you elevate to a new level.
Check out some of the exam works made by the Alumna of 2021-22 here.

If you would like to bring out the best in your floral artistry, follow this link for more info and to register.