Dutch Floral Design Course (Modular) International, English

2 september 2019 @ 10:00 – 15:45
Boerma Instituut
Legmeerdijk 227
1432 KA Aalsmeer
Dutch Floral Design Course (Modular) International, English @ Boerma Instituut | Aalsmeer | Noord-Holland | Nederland

Professional Dutch Floral Design Course (DFD) International, English

The international professional Dutch Floral Design course at the Boerma Instituut is an excellent basis for anyone aiming at a professional career in floral design, like florists, arrangers, florist shopkeepers, and sellers in ambulant trade. More than that, it provides a splendid education for anyone who loves flowers and floral design and as a hobbyist truly wants to learn all tricks of the trade. To take this professional course, no specific knowledge or experience is required.

At the Dutch Floral Design Professional course, you obtain all techniques and skills you need to produce a high-quality floral design. You can participate without any prior experience with floral design; we teach you all basic technical skills. In other words, there are no special educational requirements.

What do you learn at the professional Dutch Floral Design (DFD) course?

During the Professional Course you will learn all the basics and arrangements styles that you will need to be able to make when working in a flower shop;
– Bridal work:
Drop-shaped, Biedermeier, Handtied and linear.
– Funeral work:
Drop-shaped and linear.
– Handtied bouquets:
Field-style, Mixed, Grouped, Freestyle, with a simple frame and Linear-style all using Spiral-tied and/or Paralel techniques.
– Table arrangements:
Dutch Garden-style, Paralel and others
– Vase arrangements:
Linear, Biedermeier and others
– Corsages:
In several styles

Practically oriented

The DFD course is primarilly focussed the skills needed to make flower arranements. Of course, there are also theory classes. The exam however, is purely practical.
The course also has a lessonbook, so that you can read all the theory at your own leisure.

Intensive training & Homework

The Dutch Floral Design Professional course is designed to teach and train you all the necessary skills to be a florist in an as short as possible time-frame. From experience we know that if we work hard together, you will finish the course with great results. 
Flower arranging is a practical skill. This means that, the more arrangements you make, the better and faster you will become. This is why, we highly recommend you to make as much homework as you can after school hours.
We understand that learning new things can be tiring, but homework is really essential to get great results, so the first week you might not do homework daily, but as the course progresses we do recommend to make homework often.
In this way, you will definitely get a lot more experience and routine and -more importantly- confidence.
The more you practice, the easier it will be. That is not only important for your work in the future, but also for the exam.


During the exam every student makes 5 different arrangements. Each arrangement will be judged on design, longevity and technique. Corsages will be graded during the course and count as a grade for the exam. There is only a practical exam, not a theory exam.

Duration of the course

The International vakopleiding is from 09:30 to 16:15. for a total of 25 lesson days. 5 days in per week.
The course schedule itself can be subject to changes.


The course is made up of 5 modules. Each module is 1 week.
This means that it is possible to follow the course in steps in stead of in one go.
We decided for this format, because it might not be possible for you to take 5 weeks off of work.
For example: in this way you can follow module 1 to 3 in 2019 and the rest of the course, module 4 and 5 in 2020.

All Inclusive

At the Boerma Instituut we believe that you will have the best possible learning experience if everything is all inclusive.
This will make sure that you will not have to stress about which flowers and materials to buy to be able to participate in all the lessons. For instance, flowers, bases, oasis, but also a knife, all-purpose scissors, rosescraper and measuring tape are all included in the course fee.
Besides that, coffee/tea, juices, lunchbuffet, an excursion to the Flower Auction, another school trip (either Keukenhof or Fleuramour, depending on the time of the year), the exam and it’s preparation days, a certificate or diploma are all included in the coursefee as well.
Aside from that you will also receive 5% discount on all the items in our Floral Design Supplies shop (Very convenient if you need materials for homework).

Coursedates 2019

The (complete) Internationale Dutch Floral Design course starts 2 times per year:
– Monday March 18, 2019 (Module 1-5)
– Monday September 2, 2019 (Module 1-5)

Aside from that, there are two extra module 1 courses per year:
– Monday January 28 (Module 1)
– Monday November 11 (Module 1)

These are the starting dates of the seperate modules of the complete courses:

Module 1 Spring: Monday March 18
Module 2 Spring: Monday March 25
Module 3 Spring: Monday April 1
Module 4 Spring: Monday April 8
Module 5 Spring: Monday April 15
Module 1 Summer: Monday September 2
Module 2 Summer: Monday September 9
Module 3 Summer: Monday September 16
Module 4: Summer: Monday September 23
Module 5 Summer: Monday September 30
We highly recommend following module 4 & 5 in one go, because of the exam.

Coursedates 2020

We will make publicize the dates for 2020 as soon as possible.
As an indication, we usually start the courses around the same dates every year.


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